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So spring has arrived in Dallas and, from the looks of it, it will be spectacular – at least if you like 80-degree days in late March and early April (which I do). Sure we’ve already had some tornadoes and hailstorms but that’s the price you pay to be out of cold weather gear and into real riding weather.

So why am I not riding??? Oh, sure, I’m making the trek back and forth to work but that’s not riding; that’s getting from point A to point B and fighting for lane space with ten million cars (70% of which must be unmanned since there are only 3 million people in the metroplex but I swear that’s how many cars are pressing in on me each day on my commute).

There’s only one answer, of course. Well, maybe two or three. Or four. But basically, this is what’s going on. I’ve traveled thousands of miles so far this year. Only problem is they’ve almost exclusively been on an airplane. The only riding I’ve done is back and forth to the airport and that ain’t riding!

I love my job; it funds my riding habit. But it also sucks up my ride time and that…well, sometimes that sucks. And while I want to get back into my long rides to visit courthouses, there are so many other things that need doing right now – the yard needs work; I need to spend time helping Honey out with his business, (check him out at which is taking off; oh, and there’s this thing called a wedding that I’m still preparing for, although everything else is closing in on it like it’s a juicy piece of meat to be eaten for dinner, devoured before it even takes place.

Now would be the perfect time to ride, to get away from it all; the perfect time to enjoy the wildflowers that are out double force to make up for last year’s total dearth of anything growing by the roadside; the perfect time to take an overnight trip with my sweet honey, who is so busy he makes me look unemployed. But, nothing doing.

You see, life intrudes on … well, life all the time. That’s what’s happening now. At least I’ve spent a whole week in town. A whole entire week – only the second one of the year. It’s been kick stands up every day this week (so far; I hope I haven’t jinxed it) and the weather has been amazing. (OK, except for the tornadoes and hail, but Coco came out unscathed.)

When my kids were young, I was a single mom and there was no extra money for anything. And still we had fun, enjoyed doing simple things like making cookies together; going on treasure hunts in the backyard (that was to find a missing earring, but they didn’t have to know that); drawing comic strips on the sidewalk with colored chalk. All things you could do on the fly for not much ka-ching.

Those were good times and these are, too. My bike isn’t racking up the miles but my life is racking up great moments. Even though I’m traveling on business, taking a tip from Tim, I’ve made new friends every place I’ve been. He featured that topic this week in his blog on RockStar Friends and he’s so right about the joys to be found wherever you go – no matter how you get there.

Not that much riding for me but boy have I scouted some great places to ride when the time is right: New Orleans, Buffalo, Atlanta, Columbus, Albuquerque, Raleigh. You guys hang tight. I’ll be back on two wheels and we’ll have a ball.

Until then, I’m happy to be riding to work in beautiful weather and coming home each night to my family. It’s all good!

Until next time, wheels down and eyes up.