I Didn’t Win

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So you all know I was part of a challenge to win a new 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. The contest involved visiting participating HD dealerships throughout the state and completing an entry form at each one. If you visited all 41 participating dealerships (which I did), you got an additional 41 entries. You also got entries for renewing your HOG chapter membership and 10 entries for going to the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee (which I also did – one of the best days ever!). I had almost 100 entries by the time everything was done and I just knew I would win. I mean, how could I lose?

It wasn’t just about how many entries I’d made which should have helped my odds. It was about how worthy my quest was. I ride a lot – almost all the time. I don’t own a car so if I have to get someplace, it’s either by bike or by plane. If it’s really, really horrid (like ice on the roads, which happens a couple of times a year here) I take the bus and train to work or work from home. I borrow my father’s car occasionally when there is simply no other option. To give you an idea, I probably don’t ride in the car more than once a month.

Sounds like a worthy winner, right? Well, I agree. The only problem is fate often thumbs its nose at worthiness and does its own thing. In this case, someone from a small town West of here (Weatherford) won. I name the town only to reinforce my worthiness to win – especially compared to the unworthiness of ANYone from Weatherford. Weatherford catches on fire every summer and that bike will be burned to a crisp in six months. I’m crying already at the pointlessness of it all.

It’s interesting that when I was working to get all my entries (“work” is clearly a misnomer; I was riding the roads of Texas in the most consistently beautiful week of weather I can remember, ever), every time I left a dealership where I’d sat on all kinds of new bikes – especially the Street Glide and the Heritage Classic (my two favorites) – and got back on Coco, I realized I was perfectly content with my bike. 

Sure I’d love to have a new motorcycle and I’m still salivating a bit over the new bikes each time I go to the dealership but I actually hoped to win the bike so I could finagle a deal to get the money and not the bike. I would then use the money to pay down some debt and keep riding Coco. Of course, I was going to do a few upgrades on her (speakers, heated handgrips, maybe heated gear for me) but I knew that no matter what, I could be happy with Coco. In fact, I felt kind of disloyal just thinking about replacing her.

Still, even with all that turmoil about new bike versus old bike, I was absolutely POSITIVE I was going to win. I mean, I just knew it. I was so certain that I almost did something HORRIBLE – spent some of the money before I got it. Of course, I knew by 2:00 Saturday afternoon that I hadn’t won when I didn’t get a call telling me to come pick up my  new bike. The drawing was at 1:00, it was 2:00. I hadn’t won. I’m sure that’s what the people feel like who mortgage their homes and sell everything they have to buy lottery tickets certain if they have so much invested in it, they will win. And then they don’t win.

In life, things we are absolutely SURE will happen sometimes just don’t. A promotion we just knew was ours doesn’t come through. A financial windfall we are positive is just around the corner turns out to be more elusive than that. An invitation, an offer, you name it. We’ve all expected something that didn’t happen.

Does that mean I wasted my time pursuing a new Harley? Of course not. Our week-long motorcycle trip was one of the most enjoyable times ever. Tim and I had more fun on that trip than two people deserve. And I would never give back the trip to the museum where Tim arranged a perfect marriage proposal. If I only focused on what I missed, I’d miss what I actually got. No motorcycle is worth what I have.

Besides, I’ll probably appreciate it more if I work for it. But that won’t stop me from participating in the challenge next year…and, I’m sure, I will be absolutely certain I’ll win!

This year I didn’t win a new bike. So what!

Until next time, wheels down and eyes up. What a great year it’s been!


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